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You know you're a WWE fan when...

1) You KNOW what The Rock is COOKING!
2) You get an A on assignment and you announce that your having a live sex celebration in class next week.
3) You do the 'Flair Strut' while yelling "WOOOO!" at the same time.
4) You know how to do the Jeff Hardy entrance dance.
5) When you arrive in a place you've been to before and you pause and you proclaim "FINALLY, (YOUR NAME) HAS COME BACK TO (LOCATION)!"
6) When you introduce yourself to someone you repeat your last name 10 seconds later.
7) The sledge hammer is your new best friend.
8) When your friend asks for money you yell: "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONAYYY!"
9) On your resume you write "I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be".
10) When you hear WWF these days, you have a sudden, uncontrollable hatred of pandas.
11) Or when you’re talking to your friend and she/he interrupts you, you yell (just like Vince McMahon): SHHUUTTTT UUUPPP!!
12) You turn off the lights because no one respects you.
13) You know that Edge is PG-13.
14) You've watched Doom, The Condemned, The Marine, Behind Enemy Line III: Columbia and 12 Rounds.
15) You know someone who deserves a 'Billion Dollar Slap' by Stephanie McMahon.
16) You're favorite quote is: "Are you ready?"
17) You know three ways to use a table, a ladder, and a chair.
18) When you see a rooster you think of Vince McMahon.
19) You lie, cheat, and steal.
20) You actually called/texted your friends, taken a photo, or a video when Chris Jericho returned in 2007.
21) You think JBL is a wrestling fraud.
22) You like to sing "Sexy Boy" at the top of your lungs whenever Shawn Michaels comes on the TV
23) You refer a can of beer as a can of Whoop Ass.
24) You know someone who deserves a Stone Cold Stunner.
25) You sing your favorite superstar's theme song at a live event.
26) When you go to a wedding, you hope that a WWE superstar crashes it.
27) You want to send a bill of your hearing to Vickie Guerrero due to her shrill screams.
28) When you hear the song 'Sexyback' you think of Chris Jericho.
29) You have the urge to park your car underneath Vickie Guerrero's granny panties.
30) You try to roll your eyes back like the Undertaker.
31) You have a sock named, Mr. Socko.
32) You're in love with a WWE Superstar
33) You're ALWAYS busy on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday nights.
34) When a countdown starts, you yell "BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!" when it hits zero.
35) You tried to use Simon Dean's weight loss program.
36) You can name more wrestlers then family members.
37) You answer every question asked of you with "Cuz Stone Cold said so"
38) You know there are actually 9 wonders of the world, not 7.
39) When you were young, all the kids in your class couldn't wait to go home and watch Power Rangers...you couldn’t wait to get home & countdown the hours till wrestling.
40) You get sad when they announce where the next Wrestlemania is.
41) You can name all useless information about family, history, title reigns etc. about a wrestler like its the English Alphabet
42) You beat down your grandparents and call yourself a Legend Killer.
43) You chanted 'Yay' 'Boo' at a event.
44) You get depressed when your favorite superstar is injured.
45) You wondered why Chris Jericho stopped wearing pants.
46) You have a room dedicated to anything pertaining to wrestling(or the WWE) in your home.

 Jeg har ikke fundet på denne her. Jeg så den inde på fanfiction.net ved denne profil, og jeg kunne grinende nikke genkendende til stort set alle sammen, så jeg valgte at dele den videre.

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